18:18:03 hsimm I have a volvo s80 with an alarm fault. The car won't start. Anyone know how to disarm the alarm system until I can get to a retailer?
01:17:55 Jim 2006 XC70 driver's window, when button is pushed to up, goes to the top and then right back down, on it's own. Is there an adjustment for this, and if so ,please describe it.
20:55:17 Jim>> Bye now.
20:53:36 Jim>> I meant shouldn't I hear it, of course.
20:51:12 Jim>> I say, chaps, is there anyone there?
20:49:58 Jim>> Sometimes, when I shut the engine off, I hear the turbo spinning down but sometimes I do not hear it. Shouldn't it always be spinning if the engine is running and whouldn't I hear it?
20:47:33 Jim>> Hi. I have a question about the sound of the turbo.
09:14:18 jhapa>> hi all
15:31:20 Max>> I have V40 and it is the best car in my life.Is there anybody with this car?
15:28:57 Max>> Hi everybody