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1995 volvo960 hope to keep driving

Forum Tech corner 1995 volvo960 hope to keep driving

2009-03-12 03:16:56

I need help!! My volvo is smoking heavily trough the tail pipe but is not the white smoke you get with a blown head gasket, it's more like burnt oil. Athe top of the engine where the sparkpug wires connect, oil seeps out & settles on top. Car runs fine, still fast, no missing or miss firing, very smooth & steady at all times. Any suggestions on how to repair this problem? Thank you...

2009-03-31 03:13:18

I found a replacement engine at good price with warranty but, I want to be very careful with this replacement, can anyone recomend what repair manual should I refer to for this job? A club member replied to my original message & was very helpful; I can't locate his replies but, I saw a mechanic & he concluded that the head had to be replaced. It's easier for me to replace the engine, specially at the price I got it for. Appreciate in advance your help artesano...