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S70, 850 Engine cylinder head removal

Forum S70 S70, 850 Engine cylinder head removal

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2016-01-18 17:08:17

Engine cylinder head removal, head gasket, burnt valve, etc. (Volvo 850, S70) - Auto Repair Series  |  More info

Head Removal: 4 to 6 Hours ($800 / $2,800 / $5,300)

WARNING If you are removing the head on a 1999 or newer Volvo with SOLID lifters, you HAVE TO KEEP the lifters in order.

Website tutorial (written instructions):

In this video I removed the head from a 1994 Volvo 850 to make the video. I also included information on a newer 1998 S70 Turbo from photos I had so you could see different options. You would want to remove a head for the following reasons:

  • Head gasket replacement, blown head gasket, over heated motor.
  • Replace bent valves.
  • Replace burnt valves.
  • Replace valve stem seals.
  • Replace a damaged head.

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